Fishing tools (Taper Tap, Die Collar, Releasing and Circulating Overshot)

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Fishing Tool is a specialized tool which is used to retrieve a dropped object from the well bore.The dropped objects may be drilling equipment and tools like drill string, casings and drill bits. The Fishing Tool may also be required to retrieve older well equipment like packers, liners, tubing or any stuck object in the well. It is mandatory to retrieve these pieces of equipment from the well bore so as to continue will the drilling operations.


We have a wide range of oilfield fishing and re-entry tools for the retrieval of lost or damaged tooling from the borehole, since when damaged equipment falls into the well bore, the “fish” or “junk” must be removed as quickly as possible to minimize down time.


We are supplying all kinds of fishing tools for the oil and gas industry include Taper Tap, Die Collar, Releasing and Circulating Overshot,casing scrapers, junk baskets, overshots, fishing spears, fishing jars, fishing magnets and more. Each individual downhole fishing tool is precisely designed for a specific function and to retrieve a certain type of junk, which will assist with all your borehole retrieval needs.


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Fishing Tools

Releasing & Circulating Overshots

In all sizes

Taper Taps

2-3/8" 6-5/8"

Die Collars

2-3/8" 6-5/8"

Releasing Spears

In all sizes

Casing Sprears


Fishing Magnets

QDL92  QDL381

Reverse Circulation Junk Magnets

FQL 195

Junk Subs

In all sizes

Hydraulic Junk Retrieves

6" 12-1/4"

Reverse Circulatiion Junk Basket

5-1/8" 15"

Three-ball Fishers

In all sizes

Internal Hook

In all sizes

External Hook

In all sizes

Block Spears

Catch 73  114 tubing