API 5LD Subsea CRA Clad / Lined Pipes

2021-02-05 12:04:10 ord46505246

Bimetal Composite Steel Pipe is a new type of composite pipe made of carbon steel pipe lined with a layer of corrosion-resistant alloy pipe. The product uses carbon steel pipe as the base material, the outer base pipe, which gives full play to the excellent mechanical properties and low price characteristics of carbon steel pipe, that is, the carbon steel matrix ensures the overall strength of the pipe and various mechanical indicators; it uses corrosion-resistant alloy materials as the lining anticorrosion layer, giving full play to the excellent corrosion resistance of the corrosion-resistant alloy, that is, the corrosion resistance of the pipeline is ensured by the corrosion-resistant alloy lining, so as to achieve the best combination of reliability and economy of the CRA Cladded Pipe.

API 5LD CRA clad pipes and CRA overlay pipes are normally used in the harsh environment that has high corrosive mediums & high pressure condition,CRA claded pipes are used widely in oil&gas field exploitation, onshore, offshore oil&gas  development project and refinery industry, transportation of oil and gas, corrosive medium transportation, petrochemical industry, pressure vessels, subsea projects, sewage treatment, seawaterdesalination, etc., and are of high performance to price ratio.

Advantages of TIPTOP Subsea CRA Clad/Lined Pipes:

1. Our clad layer materials are all imported, thus the quality is absolutely superior to the domestic.
2. API 5LD, API 5LC; DNV-OS-F101; BV are valid.
3. By owing the longest integral pipe welding machine, we are the only one who could produce clad pipe with 12meters, thus your welwelding jobs in the field will be less comparing to 6 meters, hence potential risk has been 

reduced once the welding seams are less.

4. Owning the only Modal NDT facility in China: testing grip strength of lined pipe through vibration damping of interface between base & layer. 

5. Automatic UT Inspection System: inspecting longitudinal & transvers, delaminate detects of base and inner 

6. Four-points Bending Test.
7. All layer will be inspected by Endoscopic detection, eddy current test and X-ray detection in order to 

the quality.

TIPTOP can customize CRA lined pipe and relevant products according to customer requirements, such as materials, coating, end beveling, relevant fittings, internal clamp and gas protection. TIPTOP is also able to provide customers with welding technology for construction on site like automatic welding for subsea CRA lined pipe, seam of automatic welding, welding system for offshore construction ship.

TIPTOP are always ready to customize products and provide services for customers all over the world, and welcome our new and regular customers to send us inquiries.