TIPTOP remind you to protect yourself against the epidemic COVID 19

2020-03-26 16:37:06 ord46505246

Recently, corona virus disease "COVID 19" has been on the rampage around the world,with cases reported to date in most countries. From our communications with foreign customers, we know that many countries and regions have taken strong measures such as working from home and shutting down logistics to contain the spread of the epidemic. During this difficult time, we remind people around the world to protect yourself, please believe that humanity will soon win this hard battle.

At present, the situation in China has been eased, and we have returned to normal work. Under the epidemic situation, we still have high standards and strict requirements, keep a close eye on the details of each order to ensure 100% qualified delivery on time.

If you have any need for us in work or life, please feel free to contact us!