API 7-1 Drilling Motor Directional Drilling Downhole Mud Motor

API 7-1 Drilling Motor Directional Drilling Downhole Mud MotorMotor's Standard Configuration and Options:Downhole mud motor is also called Positive Displacement Motor(PDM) a kind of downhole dyna

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API 7-1 Drilling Motor Directional Drilling Downhole Mud Motor

Motor's Standard Configuration and Options:


Downhole mud motor is also called Positive Displacement Motor(PDM)  a kind of downhole dynamic drilling tool drove by the hydraulic power of drilling mud. Downhole motor normally used for directional drilling wells,which is consists of five assemblies, such as by-pass valve, Anti-drop assembly, motor, universal coupling and drive shaft. Mud stream from the outlet of mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream produces pressure loss at both inlet and outlet of the pump, to push the rotor into rotating, and to transmit the torque and speed onto the bit. The down hole motor property mainly depends upon its property parameters.

TIPTOP Down hole mud motor adopts near bit structure, adjustable universal coupling housing, stabilizers with different sizes, types and structures, and also universal coupling specially designed for large drill bit & large torque with larger torque bearing capacity, better impact resistance performance and running stability, and integral or interchangeable stabilizers with different sizes are available.

•Size Range: Available from 1-11/16”OD to 11-1/4”OD
•Types: Adjustable bend housing type, Water based mud type (conventional type), Oil-based mud type, Salty based mud type
•Structure: Consists of Bearing section assembly, Universal coupling assembly, Power section assembly, Anti-drop device assembly and By-pass valve assembly or Crossover sub.



A Positive Displacement drilling Motor could be used in Extremely hard rock together with diamond or PDC bits. When the rotation speeds are high,Then High penetration rates can be achieved,in spite of the horsepower or torque produced by the motor, The drilling motor could allow circulation of the borehole.

•With the diversity and flexibility to work in all drilling environments.
•Utilization of high quality materials, including forged steel drive shafts (laser welding alloy on drive shaft surface), which reduces wear and tear and down-time for servicing.
•With safety anti-drop device which reduces the probability of residual motor parts left in the drill string in the event of connection failure.
•High quality power section designs which efficiently maximize the amount of speed and torque being transmitted to the drill bit.
•Tungsten carbide radial bearings which significantly reducing wear and improves durability and consistency in performance.

Integrated Services:

  • We can provide correct selection of downhole motors according to customer’s environmental and drilling conditions.

  • The downhole motors including spare parts are available to be customized according to customer’s operation requirements.

  • We can assist customer in setting up maintenance and service station for down hole motors.

  • Mud motor for air drilling is also available upon your request.