New Downhole Motor Order from Africa

2021-06-04 15:24:42 ord46505246

New Downhole Motor Order from Africa

Tiptop got a new order for large diameter motors from a regular customer in Africa. This customer has been doing business with our company for several years and is very satisfied with our quality, price and service. His previous inquiries were for small diameter motors and related spare parts. Although the large diameter motors are not usual, they are definitely within our production range and we can fully meet customer's requirements. After verifying specifications and quotation, we once again got the customer's approval.

Tiptop is specialized in designing & manufacturing mud motor, spare parts, motor manufacturing, testing and maintenance equipment. Our downhole motor sizes are available from 1-11/16” OD to 11-1/4” OD. We can also supply different types of motor like adjustable bend housing type, water based mud type (conventional type), oil-based mud type, salty based mud type, etc.. The stable quality and high performance of our mud motors, spare parts and equipment have been effectively proven by customers in Russia, India, Iran, Egypt and China.

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