Shipment Readiness Notification of TIPTOP S135 Drill pipes

2021-05-28 11:13:29 ord46505246

Shipment Readiness Notification of TIPTOP S135 Drill Pipes

The Drill Pipes customized for our regular customer have been finished on time recently. This order can date back to November last year. Initially it is founded the required specifications are not very reasonable in design. After our continuous communication, a best and most reasonable design came out. Now, the drill pipes are completed and pass strict quality inspection.

We provide full range of drill pipes, petroleum drill pipes, water well drill pipes, geothermal well drill pipes, flush joint drill pipes, coalbed methane drill pipes, shale gas drill pipes as well as tool joints. With the most professional knowledge and rich experience, we can also provide our customers with the best design solutions and suggestions to reduce procurement costs and risks.

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