Vam Top Crossover Sub

2021-03-22 09:14:00 ord46505246

Vam Top Cross over Sub

The Crossover sub is mainly used in oil, gas and geology drilling process to connect upper and lower drill tools in different connectors in drilling operations. In addition, it can be used to protect other tooling in drill stem (called saver sub) or be used to deliver outgoing air to the bit face just above the bit (called bit sub).

Crossover subs have two main applications. On one hand, they can be used to cross over from one connection size to another; On the other hand, as a disposable part used to prolong the life of more expensive drill stem components.

Crossover subs are available in three forms with end connections, they are a box x box, box x pin, and pin x pin configuration. The threaded connections are also protected by a durable phosphate surface coating that helps reduce galling during the initial make-up.

All of our Crossover Subs (X-over Sub, Drill Stem Sub, Top Drive Sub, Lift Sub, Saver Sub, Side Entry Sub, Circulating Sub, Wear Sub, Oriented Sub ) are available with all size and manufactured to conform to API specifications.

Please feel free to contact us for further specification with detailed size and connection, we also can manufacture as per your special request and drawing.