Our Hit Products: Downhole Motor & AG-itator (Hydraulic Oscillator)

2021-03-22 09:18:41 ord46505246

Our Hit Products: Downhole Motor & AG-itator (Hydraulic Oscillator)

With large torque and longer service life, Tiptop downhole motor is available from 1-11/16" OD to 11-1/4"OD, which has always been our main product.

AG-itator (Hydraulic oscillator) is a new star that is a downhole tool for solving downhole depressure and improving drilling pressure transmission. It is especially applicable for directional wells, extended wells and horizontal wells. Tiptop AG-itator is full-metal. Tiptop has the capacity to produce full-metal AG-itator of 5" OD, 7"OD and 8"OD. Boasting its strong adaptability and stability, it can increase ROP, improve weight transfer and reduce stick-slip by reducing downhole friction.

Tiptop is able to deliver anywhere in the world. Please get in touch with us in case of interest.